Everything You Need To Know About David Nehdar And His Life

David nehdar Biography

The name David is a veteran businessman and he is lacey chabert’s husband. He is 47 years old and he is in the business industry. He was born on 16 of august 1974. Before marrying and meeting a world-famous singer and actress she had little respect and fame in the world. In the USA David is a businessman who has spent his whole life working in Los Angeles California.

He always decided to become an entrepreneur. He began aiding his family and he rose to fame after he married singer and actress Lacey Chabert. They kept their wedding a secret even though they were high-profile celebrities. They got married during the holidays in December 2013. David is of white ethnicity and he holds an American passport.

David as an entrepreneur

From a very young age, David Nehdar had a passion for entrepreneurship. This makes him part of his family business. He married the singer and actress Lacey Chabert and this marriage brought him into the spotlight. According to the sources, the couple dated each other for some time before they got married. Apart from a businessman, he is also responsible, loving, and caring. But these achievements were not known to the public for an unspecified time.

David nehdar education and net worth

He attended the local high school in his home town from which he graduated in 1992. In his educational term, he graduated from the business management program. Due to his entrepreneurial background, he studies business management subjects during school to earn a degree in business administration.

David Nehdar net worth is estimated in between $9 to $10 million. His wife’s net worth is around $4 million and earning between $1 and $2 million is annually based on her performance. In his long career he earned his fortune by giving his expertise to unknown companies. This was because his fortune is sure to increase in future.

David nehdar and his wife lacey chabert have a beautiful daughter together

Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar became parents on 1st September 2016 and they welcomed their first child together. They named their beautiful bundle of joy Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. Baby’s mom told about Julia’s arrival on social media after a week of her birth. The first time Lacey described the birth of her daughter as the best day of her life. She also said that she is her little angel and she said her heart’s deepest dream came true.

David’s rise to fame

David nehdar was born into a business family in the USA. He maintained a very low profile and the only information available about his early education years was that he wanted to join his family business. He became very popular in the media when he revealed his marriage. He revealed his marriage to famous singer and actor Lacey Chabert after a few months of his marriage. The couple started dating before their marriage.

His wife Lacey posted on Twitter about their marriage and posted some photos as well. She brought curiosity among her fans and did not reveal her husband’s image and name in the public. Later on when the couple felt comfortable disclosing the details that her husband’s name is David. The media then started noticing David but he was then rarely seen in the public eye. Since then only guesses were made about David’s life. It was then known that he is a successful businessperson and earns a high amount as an entrepreneur. David Nehdar avoids social media and stops interacting with any journalists. He also has no social media preferences.


This article is all about David Nehdar life. David is a successful businessman who worked hard his way up with his extra skills and knowledge. He is a wealthy man and stays away from all kinds of media. He behaves in a very primate manner and he is oblivious because of his wife’s success in show business. He loves his family as his family is his pride and joy. He takes care of them very responsibly and lovingly. He can accomplish anything that sets his mind to it.

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