How are computer glasses a way towards fighting the blue light effect?

How long do you sit in front of the computer? This is a question that we often ask ourselves regarding the same. The pandemic has seriously brought up various issues in concern with the use of digital screens. 

The whole shift towards a four-walled room has become a digital cave for many of us, we might think that this is just concerned with the adults, but the thing is that even the students are in the grasp of the digital change. They have to attend their schools and colleges right from their home. The exposure is quite less and other than that they are spending most of the time in front of the screen, for studying, and for doing their assignments. 

What are the ill effects of this? How is this digital exposure affect the eye health of a person? 

A thing that one must try to understand is that nothing is harmful unless they are overexposed. And that it’s the exact same case we have encountered with digital use. 

A break 

When we talk about a break from digital work we hardly get any as we have trapped ourselves in a vicious circle. It has been noticed that since the work-from-home culture started, there has been an increase in working hours as well. After that when we are exhausted from working we switch to a digital streaming platform and look for some escape by binge-watching some show or movie. So we have been spending nearly 20 hrs a day in front of the screen. 

This system is hard to break and its effect on the eyes is immeasurable. 

What is blue light? 

Blue light is nothing but a part of the visible light spectrum, these are emitted from both natural and artificial sources. Natural sources are the sun and artificial digital screens and LED lights.

The blue light from the sun is not that harmful as we don’t spend most of the time outside in the sun, but when it comes to the blue light, yes it does have some effects to it. We spend maximum time in front of the screen so yes we are exposed to the same as any other sources. 

Effects of the blue light 

As said before there is nothing as harmful when something is super overexposed. The same is with blue light, these lights are generally associated with memory boosting and increased attention span, but the effects have taken a negative turn to the same.

Now overexposure to blue light has caused increased eye strain and fatigue and not just that there has been also an increase in the cases of major and minor headaches. 

Apart from these difficulties even affect the productivity of the person at work. 

Did you know that one can even experience dry eyes just by looking at the screen for too long? Yes, that is a condition that most people experience. 

Did you know that these blue lights are capable of affecting the circadian rhythm, that is your sleep cycle? Yes, these blue lights give the effect that when they are used in dim conditions it creates a signal as if it is the morning light tricking the mind into believing that it is daylight.  That is the reason that when we use the phone at night we usually do not feel sleepy. 

Prevention and suggestion 

The prevention is super simple, but first of all if a person experiences excessive effects one must actually visit an expert and do as suggested. Apart from that one can actually opt to switch to blue light glasses. 

What are these blue light filter glasses? These are the glasses with an anti-blue light coating that prevents the blue light from entering the eyes and stopping it right at the lens of the glasses. 

Once these lights are blocked, automatically your productivity at work increases as all the negatives have been effectively removed just by using these glasses. 

For your dry eyes situation, one must look for a few breaks in between, and apart from that one must remember to blink the eyes in between. And yes if a person experiences severe itching and redness around the eyes then they must consult an expert regarding the same. 

And for the situation of using screens at night, we would suggest avoiding using screens at night. If there is smoothing unavoidable that pops up then one must avoid dim light situations and switch to night mode last important thing they should wear their computer glasses for the same. 

Styles of glasses 

There are various styles of glasses that one can actually try on for their blue light filter glasses needs. Here are a few recommendations that you must definitely take into consideration for the same. 

Geometric glasses- Are you done with the old and monotonous shapes, then these pretty-looking glasses are right in for you. With multiple shapes and corners these glasses carry, they provide a much-required edge and curve for the same. They are something you might want to go for a next ride with. 

Transparent glasses- Perfect attention grabber of all time, these glasses are designed to grab maximum attention at one go. The best part about these glasses is that they are the perfect attention grabber but they never overpower your individual style. They have their own individuality and these glasses stand right on them. Tortoiseshell glasses- No turtles were harmed while writing this article, tortoiseshell glasses have always been one of the most admired. We have always known that it’s super abstract patterns and unique color combination is exactly what makes them stand out in the crowd. Its colors make it want to give a second try with every other outfit you must want to give a try for.

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