Do you want to print t-shirts? Read these tips!

Do you want to print t-shirts? If so, it is recommended that you get personalized t-shirts that will last much longer by resorting to a good service that allows you to obtain quality printing.

But for this you must also take into account many aspects

For example, you need to choose the color and quality of the garment, the image, its resolution, the format, the type of printing that you are going to do based on the fabric and the number of garments to be printed. Without forgetting, of course, your budget. But there is always a solution for every problem. If you expect good quality printing without paying too much, there are many solutions available. An example is Print R Us Screen Printing. This printing company provides quality printing services that are still affordable. You can share your ideas and let them do the rest.

You must take into account more aspects than you think, so it is important that you analyze them before ordering your personalized shirt. Just keep reading!

Tips for printing t-shirts

One piece of advice that we give you if you are going to print t-shirts is to look at how many units you are going to need, depending on whether you are going to use it for an excursion, bachelorette party, party or companies, taking into account the people who will participate in it.

Buying shirts by quantity is cheaper than by units, and even sometimes if you buy more shirts than you need at the moment, they can all be much cheaper. Remember this basic law: The more you buy an item, the cheaper it will cost you. But still you have to pay attention to your real needs. Don’t over-buy either!

Choose very well the design that you are going to use on your shirt, considering that it is of good quality within the garment.

It is recommended to use a jpg, psd, png image or with other accepted formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

For this you may need to adapt your logo, design, promotional text, photography or image to obtain the best results in the print. Adaptation of logos, designs, and texts cannot be done haphazardly. In some cases, enlisting the help of a professional is the best option.

You should also take into account the colors to use on the front, back and sleeve. More colors increase the price of the shirt, but there are images that require them.

Don’t skimp on expenses if the occasion calls for it, but don’t overspend on unnecessary whims either.

Final considerations

Buying printed t-shirts online not only allows you to access better prices but also helps you choose the service and products that best suit you for your company, promotional activities or for private or leisure use.

So go ahead and get your own cheap custom t-shirts! We hope this post was informative. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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