10 Steps to Make the Best Out of Your Hand Wraps

Boxing is neither as effective nor safe if hand wraps are not involved. They provide grip and support to your hands to make them strong enough so they may take a fight bravely. 

This blog will walk you through ten steps to wrap our hand wraps perfectly and make the best out of them. So, let us get to it without any further ado. 

Importance of Boxing Hand Wraps:

Hand wraps are as important as boxing gloves when it comes to the safety of a player. They provide protection and support which makes the fights fair and easier. They make it possible for everyone involved to be safe while making the best out of the fight. 

The origin of hand wraps is not clear. However, a simple cloth was initially used to cushion the hands in a fight. The cloth was soon replaced by a stretchy gauze that makes movement easier and provides better protection. 

Steps to Wrap the Hand Wraps Properly and Make the Best of Them:

Here we will discuss some steps o help you use your hand ways the best ways possible:

Anchor with the thumb:

With your palm downwards, hold your hand straight up with your fingers straight but spread out. Use the loop of the gauze over your thumb and let the wrap fall backward. 

Tip: be sure to start wrapping from the back of the hand rather than the palm for a better grip and prevent loosening later on. 

Wrap Your Wrist:

Now take the loose end and bring it forward from the pinky-finger side. Wrap this end around the wrist from the little finger to the thumb ball. Make sure to wrap tight enough for effective support but not so tight that it cuts circulation. 

If you want extra support, wrap three times. However, if your wrap is smaller, wrapping twice would be enough. 

Wrap the Hand:

After wrapping your wrist completely, take the loose end and wrap your hand completely. Again, make sure that the wrap is tight enough to provide support but not so tight that it numbs the hand. 

At this point, focus on wrapping the palm and back of the hand properly instead of wasting the wrap on the knuckles. 

Wrap the Fingers:

Now the loose end should again be on the back of your hand. Take this end and bring it towards the palm, making it go between the ring and pinky finger. Then cover the knuckles of the index finger, pulling it towards the back where it meets the wrist. 

Take the loose end once again and place it under the thumb. Now, pull the wrap to the top of your hand. Direct the wrap towards your palm, pulling it around the index and bringing it back.

Repeat the same process once more, making the last of three x’s. 

Finishing Touches:

Take the loose end and wrap it around your thumb. Cover the joint in the middle of your thumb completely, and after that, flip the hand so that the palm faces upwards. Bring the wrap towards the thumb from the pinky-finger side and cover it completely. 

After that, bring the wrap to the back o the hand and cover the knuckles. Wrapping them once would be enough, but wrapping twice or thrice is advised depending on the length of the wrap. 

Now bring the leftover wrap towards the wrist. Wrap the remaining length of the hand wrap around your knuckles or the wrist, as per your choice. You can also use this length to make more X’s so that the hand gets some additional support. 

Some Useful Tips:

Here are some tips to get the optimum results from your wrist wraps:

Glove Fitting:

While wrapping, make sure that the excessive wrapping does not make it harder for the glove to fit. If it is getting difficult to wear the glove, use a wrap of shorter length. 

Gloves for Extra Padding:

Do not wrap your hand wraps again and again for extra padding. Hand wraps are there to provide you support and protection while fighting. They are not meant to provide any cushion or padding. 

So, for padding, get a pair of boxing gloves. The markets are full of different boxing gloves with different paddings for you to choose from. To inquire more about boxing gloves prices, visit Infinitude Fight now. 

Hand Wrap Length:

While working with hand wraps, experimentation is important. The wraps are available in lengths ranging from 180 inches/ 460 cm to 220 inches/ 560 cm. You will have to get various hand wraps to find the perfect one for you. 

Look for Warning Signs:

Remove the wrap immediately if you see any discoloration or feel any numbness or pain in your hand that is not related to the fight or the training. This may be happening because of the wrap being too tight. 

So, unwrap your hand, let it stabilize, and wrap again loosely. 


So, these were some ways, tips, and tricks to make the best out of your boxing hand wraps. These wraps provide the fighter with the support and protection that make the fights easier and fairer hence they should be given due importance. 

We hope that the blog helped you in one way or another and that you will come back soon for more boxing-related information. Now go and buy boxing gloves and hand wraps now before the fight starts.

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