How does the Coronavirus spread and to whom it attacks more?

Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19 is a disease that is discovered all over the world. It has become the biggest health issue worldwide. Many countries fought this disease but the countries which are underdeveloped face much. This is because these countries do not have enough infrastructure for finance and health.

Causes leading to Coronavirus

SARA-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19. Respiratory illnesses mild to severe are caused by COVID-19. Coronavirus is said to be the family of viruses. This virus has crown-like spikes on its surface because of which it is called Corona. There are some examples of COVID-19 including SARS and MERS which cause illness.

This virus enters the human body through the mouth, nose or eyes. It then travels to the nasal passages back and also at the back of your throat in the mucous membrane. This virus then multiplies after attaching the cells and then moves into the lung tissues. Then the virus spread from there to the other tissues of the body.

How does the virus spread and to whom it attacks more?

COVID-19 spreads from person to person. When a person that is infected coughs, sneezes, talks or breathes near you, the virus is likely to spread. The virus travels by the respiratory droplets released into the air by these things. The person who inhales these droplets can get infected. Also if you touch and come in contact with an infected person and touch his face can also get infected.

Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 develops its symptoms in several days. But during this time a person is contagious. But when your symptoms begin which is after 10 days then you are no more contagious. It can be spread by a person who recently traveled or came from an area in which this virus is active. Also, it can be spread by the laboratory person or the doctors if they come in close contact with others without getting checked. Also, people who are above 60 age or have any medical problem or weak immune system have more risk of getting attacked by COVID-19.

Precautions are taken to be safe from COVID-19

The first precaution that the person should take is they should take the vaccine as soon as possible. This avoids the virus from attacking the person and prevents them from getting ill. Also, we should avoid those who are ill or are showing symptoms. Close contact with those people should be avoided. Also if you are facing symptoms in yourself you should also not meet others. Also, crowded places and indoor places without ventilation should be avoided.

You should wash your hands with soap and water or should carry sanitizer. Also, you should wear a mask in public places which is very important. You should also cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing either by tissue or by the elbow.

Effects of COVID-19

With the systematic global risk, COVID-19 hijacked the whole world. The race, borders, and parameters of our well beings and life are not recognized by the virus. The health care system, economic growth, education system and other social things were greatly affected by the virus. Global resilience was affected as unprecedented problems were created for our society by it.

The health and economic policies were forced to be changed by the countries to control this pandemic. The problem faced by most countries was how to adjust it to optimize the limited health and economic resources they had. Most of the countries were not prepared in terms of resources to control the pandemic. With limited infrastructure and human resources, this becomes a challenge for different countries to slow down or control the spreaders is COVID-19

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